Nae Studio offers lessons, workshops and practice sessions for Taiko drumming, Japanese ensemble music and performing arts.


for traditional Japanese music

Located at:

33 Villiers Street - Unit 6, Toronto

Ontario, Canada

M5A 1A9

Please contact Kokichi (click here to contact)

for all inquiries prior to visiting the studio or to inquire about lessons, workshops, recruiting or performances.

Welcome to the NAE Studio

The NAE Studio is a space for the creation, practice and study of Japanese music in its many forms. Located in the Cherry Beach area south of the Distillery district in downtown Toronto, the studio offers a variety of classes and workshops for the exploration, practice and development of skills and knowledge of Japanese music and performing arts.

The NAE Studio is pleased to offer classes for those of all skill levels to study and enjoy taiko and Japanese music. The NAE Studio is now accepting applications for entry into the following regularly scheduled classes and programs:


The Nae Studio hosts the following groups:

  • O-hayashi no kai (Traditional festival music troop)

  • Nae no kai (professional performers ensemble)

The O-hayashi no kai is conducted in English and Japanese and recruits members who are interested in studying, practicing and performing traditional festival and ceremonial music. Entry into the o-hayashi no kai requires approval by the artistic director and previous experience with Taiko or o-hayashi music. Some Japanese language or knowledge of Japanese culture is recommended. Those seeking to join the o-hayashi no kai who do not meet the requirements, may join a class series to qualify, however group space is limited and membership is not assured. 

The Nae no kai is a privately assembled ensemble consisting of performers of various talents who practice and perform a mix of original compositions and traditional Japanese music. Entry into the Nae no kai by selection by the artistic director.

To inquire about either of these groups, please contact Kokichi.

Regular class and rehearsal schedule

Workshops and Introductory lectures

NAE Studio

for traditional Japanese musical arts